April 20, 2024

Now you already know that this Kredit tanpa agunan is a very popular credit product. The following are the advantages of unsecured loans:

# 1 The submission process is quick and easy

The first reason why unsecured loans are favored by the public is the procedure itself which is very easy and fast. As we know, that applying for credit with collateral takes a long time.

Even sometimes our credit application may not be realized. Also, conventional credit applications or those with collateral must have a survey, evaluation of collateral assets and various other requirements.

Especially now that there are already banks that provide online facilities for filling out credit application forms without collateral. This form itself can be downloaded anytime and anywhere so that the submission process is faster.

# 2 Practical and Does Not Require Guarantees

In addition to the fast and easy process, this unsecured loan also has practicality that cannot be found in other loans. Loans without collateral are no collateral to be exchanged for loan money.

This is certainly one of the efforts of the bank to instill trust in customers to manage loan funds properly. Not only banks benefit but customers also benefit.

The customer is given the advantage to use this fund for working capital or the other by various kinds of facilities available in this unsecured loan product.

The customer is certainly not required to provide collateral or asset collateral. This is also one of the bank’s promotion strategies to attract as many customers as possible. Is it tempting not to have unsecured loans?

But you must remember, even without a guarantee, you must be disciplined in paying credit installments according to the specified time.

With you pay the installments on time, it will be easy for you to borrow from the bank later.

You will certainly get facilities and bonuses when applying for credit again, for example increasing the loan ceiling and so forth.

What if you have a bad repayment? If you have a problem with bad repayments, the bank does not have the authority to confiscate your assets.

If indeed it is proven that there are bad loans that are already rather severe, then the customer will be put on a negative list and have difficulties when they will borrow back to all banks.

# 3 Flexible

The advantage of third unsecured loans is that they are flexible. What is meant by that flexibility? What is meant here is flexible is easily adapted to the purpose of using credit by customers.

Customers themselves are given the freedom to use the funds that have been given for their needs, even for the needs of customers who are consumptive.

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