June 15, 2024

Nobody likes to be in pain, but if you are an athlete or someone who hits the gym regularly, it’s safe to say muscle pains and spasms are inevitable. We know that muscle pain can be very uncomfortable, and restrictive, so if you are in this situation, your body needs the right type of food and vitamins to help soothe the pain and heal quickly. Going through the customer feedbacks on Tower health products can help you in discovering a lot of healthy products that contain proper food and vitamin supplements needed for healing your muscular pains.

For the purpose of emphasis, we have provided a list of some foods and vitamins that should always be in your diet to help reduce muscular pain.

Vitamin C

 Vitamin C helps to reduce inflammations, while it also helps to grow, and repair tissues in the body including the muscles. It helps the body produce collagen, promotes quick healing of wounds, and aids in repairs of bones and teeth. This vitamin is obviously very for important for our bodies and can be easily found in fruits like oranges, lemons, kiwi, strawberry’s and others.  If your body does not have enough vitamin c, your body will be prone to more injuries and pain.


Proteins are very essential when it comes to the health of our bones and muscles. They form all the ligaments and tendons in our bodies. You can find proteins in every part of the body, from the skin to the blood and muscles. Therefore, consumption of adequate protein is a necessity in relieving muscular pains, especially as an athlete or fitness enthusiast. It helps to repair broken down tissues and body parts. As much as the body needs these proteins it cannot produce them by itself. This means you need to consume protein rich foods like oats, beans and meat.


Magnesium will help relax your muscle and nervous system.it also helpsthe body fight against fatigue and acts like a mood regulator. It is necessary for the muscles because it helps it relax and contract. when your muscle relaxes it reduces muscle cramps and pains. It is very important for bone and muscle health. Foods like cashews, almonds, spinach, and peanuts are very rich in magnesium, and you should add them to your meals.

Omega 3

Omega 3 acid is mostly found in fish fat. Studies have shown that omega 3 helps to reduce inflammation, and soothes muscle ache after workout. Just like most necessary nutrients and vitamins the body needs, it cannot produce it on its own, which is why it must be ingested into the body through food and other supplements. Omega 3 fatty acid is usually sold in capsules that have been filled with extracted and purified fish oil. There may be some side effects from consuming fish oil, it is recommended that you have a chat with your doctor before including this into your diet.

Generally, most vitamins and food supplements are essential for humans even if you do not suffer from any pains and ache. The good thing is that when the body has enough supply of vitamins and foods, it can help prevent the occurrence of muscle and joint pains.