June 15, 2024

Being a diabetic patient does not mean you miss out on relishing the taste of rich sweets and desserts. You can learn how to work rich desserts into your meal plan or get your food to provide to do so. Here are tips on how to prepare desserts for diabetic patients:

Stick to low-carb and no-sugar sweets

The guidelines for diabetics remain the same throughout the world: little or no sugar and low-carb meals or desserts. As such, you have to go for whole grains, fruits like peaches, berries, chocolate, etc. If you like a diary, you can also throw some low-fat dairy items into the mix. Additionally, your desserts should be quick and easy to prepare. This will keep you within the boundary of eating healthy. Make your desserts in small batches so that you will not be tempted to splurge later. To keep you from getting bored, vary your meals.

Make desserts out of what you are recommended to eat

If you are serious about relishing the flavourful taste of desserts and sweets, then you should be ready to put in the work. For instance, you can make something out of fruits with fat-free yogurt. You can make a faux ice cream sandwich, whip up some sugar-free whipped chocolate cream for yourself, etc. There are lots of options available on YouTube, Google, etc. You can also develop new recipes for yourself based on the foods you can eat as well as your choices. You can visit Exante Diet to go through their products and see if they are healthy enough for diabetic patients.

Avoid salt and red and processed meat

Eating too much salt can cause a spike in your blood pressure and this increases your chances of getting stroke and heart diseases since you are already predisposed to them as a diabetic. Limit your salt intake to a teaspoonful per day. This means that your desserts and sweets should not be filled with salt. Use other healthy replacements for salt. If you must use salt, let it be in the smallest quantity. Additionally, if you cut down on carbs, you have to include more meat in your diet. But red and processed meat are a no-no for you as they have been linked with cancers and heart problems. Instead of using red and processed meat in your sweets and meals, go for eggs, fish, poultry meat like chicken, turkey, unsalted nuts, etc. Once you have most of these foods in your meal, you do not have to worry about endangering your health.

Use healthier fats

Either you are diabetic or not, you need some fat in your diet because it gives you energy. However, there are different types of fat, among which some are healthy and some are not. Also, not all fats are good for diabetics. Healthier fats such as oily fish, olive oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, etc are the type of fats that are recommended for you. You should stay away from saturated fats because they increase the risk of you having heart problems. Foods such as ghee, butter, lard, red meat, pastries, etc. are high in saturated fats and should not be found in your sweets or meals.

Here are other tips to help you maintain healthy living as a diabetic this Christmas

Check with your doctor regularly

Even in this Christmas season, do not take your medical checkups for granted. Go see your doctor when you are supposed to. If you have any issue bothering your health, you should tell this your doctor first. If there are any special recommendations given to you, you should follow them to the hilt. This will help you in knowing what to do to live healthily and happily, despite your disease. Looking after yourself so that you can be alive to do all you want is the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas.

Enjoy relationships

Beyond having regular medical checkups and watching what you eat, you need the joy and support other people give. Even though diabetes is not a mental disease, it can get you down sometimes and you should not be left in that state for too long for your safety. Christmas is a time when family and friends will come together and give and receive love. This is the best time to lean on the shoulders of your loved ones for support. Even if it is just to share memories with them, share confidentialities, spend time out, etc. Doing this will help you see beyond your disease and give you the strength to do the necessary things you need to do for your survival. However, if you need time to recover from a recent health issue, do not be afraid to let your loved ones know. If they are considerate, they will understand and give you all the space you need to heal to get yourself together. You can read about ideas for a happy Christmas season to know how you can enjoy the Christmas season with your loved ones.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

The last thing you should be doing is to drink and smoke as a diabetic. Cigarettes have nicotine which has the potential to lower the glucose in your blood and increase the risks of your disease. If you cannot overcome smoking by yourself, try seeking help, and join support groups that will help you overcome these terrible habits. Also, identify what triggers you to drink and cut it off. Be mindful about what you eat and how you eat it. Make your social circle understand your stance so that they will support you as well.

Do not overstress yourself

As a diabetic, you should be adamant about cutting off relationships and things that stress you a lot. You need all the rest and peace you can get. As such, you have to come up with ways that you can make as much money as you want without sacrificing your health for it. If you are in employment that threatens life out of you, you have to consider leaving the job and getting another or starting a less stressful business. Taking out time to rest and refuel will also go a long way.