April 18, 2024
Genetic DNA Testing for Hair Loss – The First Step of Any Hair Restoration  Journey • Illuminate Skin Clinics

It took thousands of years for human beings to gain access to the most important information in their body: DNA. Thanks to this discovery, today people can take a DNA test that allows them to answer several questions. Just to mention a few: a man can know if he is the father of a child, a couple can know if they are fertile or not, and even if a person is prone to certain diseases or allergies. Besides this, laboratories have created special kits that people can use at home. For example, the fertility test can be purchased on the lab’s website, delivered to your home, inserted as instructed, and you’ll get the results in minutes.

No more annoying trips to the lab

Another advantage you can get from advances in DNA testing is that you can do a DNA test without the need to go to a lab to provide your samples. How does it work? There are laboratories that have created a special kit with everything you need to take the samples. Whether it is a saliva or blood sample, the kit includes the elements to get and store them. Once you have stored them, all that remains is to send them to the laboratory following the instructions that come with the kit. Once the lab processes the samples, they will send the results, which you can receive by email or by traditional courier. With this breakthrough, you no longer need to make an appointment or wait for the lab to have an available time. You won’t have to spend time travelling to the lab.

Results you can rely on

No matter what type of DNA test you do, you can be sure that the results you get are reliable. Some people have criticised this new method of sample collection because they say that the person may tamper with the samples they send to the laboratory. It is important to note two things. First, the results got from this type of test have no legal validity; they are only for the consumption of the people who request them. No legal action can be brought on by the results of these tests. Second, laboratories can find out if the sample was not taken according to the strict instructions that came with the kit. If this happens, the laboratory will inform the client who will have to buy another test. The only way a sample cannot be used is if it was not taken correctly.