April 20, 2024

Have you ever heard of the term speed dating? This term has been popular in Australia for a long time. Speed ​​dating is done by gathering single men and women and is usually held in a restaurant, bar, or pub.

In Australia, this one-of-a-kind matchmaking event is booming. The demand for a place to do is fairly high in speed dating Sydney. Just look at the number of television shows or restaurants that offer this matchmaking program. Some people who are interested in this event are generally in their 20s to 30s.

The concept of speed dating Sydney is simple, the men and women who are collected will be asked to take turns talking. Topics can vary, ranging from work to hobbies. But the chat only lasted a few minutes in each session.

After the conversation, participants are expected to write the name of someone they are interested in on a piece of paper. From there, a new game begins. Two men and one woman were invited to go up to the stage. Both men were asked to do something that attracted the woman. And in the end, one pair emerged as the winner.

I don’t know if the relationship between the two will continue or not, but in fact, this matchmaking event is very unique and interesting for the participants. Most of the participants we asked, admitted to joining this event because they were curious or invited by friends.

The Sharpest Tips To Get A Girlfriend Quickly

speeddating-melbourne.com.au often hosts a Speed ​​Dating event that brings together couples looking for true love. Inside, there are a variety of exciting events ranging from Beauty classes to Love Coaching.

If you don’t have time to attend this event even though you are curious about the tips presented, don’t worry, Ladies, because the following will be discussed about these tips. Come on, let’s see!

“Who likes it, he is the one who must be active first. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.”

“The key is that you just have to start quirky and sharp so that he tries to tell a lot about himself. Because the formula is like this: when he tries, he can slip into love!”.

In starting a conversation, it is mandatory to avoid boring topics such as personal data, educational background, family circumstances, etc. Get Love Under 7 Seconds, it’s better to have lots of jokes, because laughter is the root of love. Some other tips are as follows.


The type of smile that Lex recommends is the Duchenne Smile, which is a smile that doesn’t only apply to the lips but also pulls the cheek muscles up so that the eyes become narrowed and fine wrinkles appear on the outer corners of eyes. This smiling expression makes the viewer feel positive, warm, and welcome.

Head position

Research has found that men will appear attractive if their head is looked up and down. Whereas for women it is the opposite, namely looking up like looking from the bottom up. This is often practiced when they are selfies from an angle from above.

Reveal the secret

“Secrets contain shortcuts to love relationships!” If someone wants to share his secrets or personal feelings with someone, it means he has felt comfortable and has started to have special feelings for that person.

Don’t shake hands

When you’re meeting him, it’s better not to shake hands because it’s normal and mainstream. Try greeting him with a high five or you create your unique shake and explain to him what it means. With this uniqueness, you have left a special impression on him and created an intimate atmosphere.

Chat Topic

There is no right topic to start your introduction, but it is better to choose a topic that is enjoyable. Ask about the oddity he just experienced. Or about the crazy dates that ever happened. You can also ask about his tastes or culinary adventures. Small things like that are more effective than serious chatter.

Ask back

You are certainly not comfortable if when chatting, your interlocutor is passive and you are always the one who talks. Therefore, try to ask back about the same thing. If things start to get dry, find another topic of interest. So basically, try to keep your conversation going.

Benefits of Speed ​​Dating

Recruiters can conduct interviews with many candidates in a short period. Instead of interviewing one candidate with a long series of processes, Speed ​​Dating can help recruiters get to know the candidate in a short amount of time. Because the resume has been curated by a consultant from Glints, during the interview process, recruiters don’t have to worry about the quality of the candidate.

Recruiters can directly compare candidates. Because recruiters and candidates can meet in person, recruiters no longer need to judge from resumes. Instead, recruiters can assess directly after the interview process is carried out.

Can directly attract candidates. When hiring with traditional techniques, there is an opportunity if your candidate is hired by another company first. But with Speed ​​Dating, you can directly meet the candidate without a long process. This can be used for you as a recruiter to attract the attention of candidates.

Wrapping Up

Happy playing, don’t be surprised if you are being chased by many potential lovers after doing it.