May 18, 2024

The right way to heal ankle injuries is to treat it immediately to avoid worse things, especially for athletes where injuries are a typical case.

This injury causes extreme pain for whoever experiencing it. Aside from the pain, an ankle injury can also disturb your daily activities.

Believe me, ankle injury is not something you want to experience. The sufferer has limitations in moving or doing activities.

Causes of Injury

Ankle injuries happen because the muscles of the ankles are traumatized due to muscle tearing or the ankles bones fracture. There are several causes of ankle injuries, including heavy activities that burden the ankles, extreme movements on the ankles, and an accident.

Several Types of Ankle Injury

Minor injuries. At this stage, the muscles only experience fatigue, but there is no tissue damage to the body. To cure minor ankle injuries, you only need adequate rest.

Moderate injury. At this stage, the injury causes mild tissue damage, thereby affecting the activity (balance) of the patient, usually characterized by swelling and pain.

Severe injury. It causes serious tissue damage, and in this condition, the patient experiences torn ligaments, muscles, and fractures. At this stage, it takes time for the healing process. It could take up to a few months until the patient could use his feet normally. People with severe injuries need treatment from a physiotherapist like Rouse Hill Physio, or any professional doctor who knows how to cure ankle injuries.

How to Cure an Ankle Injury

In severe injuries, the patient usually requires special treatment, such as therapy by a physiotherapist. However, if the damage is still relatively mild, here are some ways to heal an ankle injury:


When experiencing an injury, the patient should get plenty of rest, avoid using injured body parts to speed up the healing process, and avoid activities that require a lot of motion, such as walking, exercising, and doing other daily activities that could burden the ankle.

Compress with cold water

Compressing the ankle with cold water can help reduce swelling in the injured part.The way to heal an ankle injury is to use a towel dipped in cold water or use ice cubes to compress the injured ankle.

Take pain relievers

Another way to cure ankle injuries is to take some medication to reduce pain, and for this, you should contact your doctor.