December 9, 2023

Shipping heavy equipment needs some consideration. In addition to high prices, the components are also very risky to damage. Therefore you need to be careful in choosing a logistics service company for sending heavy equipment. Here are tips for choosing a logistics company for heavy equipment:

Clear Company Profile

As prospective customers, of course, we cannot trust our heavy equipment to logistical services with no clear profile information. Therefore, choose a transparent logistics service. Please pay attention to their information sources from various types of media social accounts. Look for information related to their branches, reputation, and of course, honest reviews from their previous customers. You must ensure that the logistics service company you choose has an explicit operating license.

Technology-based equipment

If you are looking for information related to logistics service companies, you will find a lot of them in internet search sources. Each has its plus and minus points. However, now some have applied advanced technology in their services. It is solely for the convenience and security of customer service. Companies that provide advanced technology-based facilities are generally long-standing and experienced companies you can trust. One of them is Rhenus High-Tech UK, with various  technical installation solutions. For more information, you can visit the website at

Please make Sure They Provide a Clear Rate

Professional logistics companies should be transparent about their rates and service costs. From there, you can learn whether the price and quality offered are reasonable; low prices should not easily tempt you. You have to make sure that the price is comparable to the quality of the facilities and guarantees of the service they will provide.


Insurance is an essential part because no matter how excellent the logistics services are, there is still a risk of damage that might occur. So you have to make sure that the logistics company you choose has clear insurance. There may be some companies that ask for extra costs related to insurance, but this is important for the safety of your machine.

Staff with full-understanding of heavy equipment

You must ensure that the team understands the ins and outs of heavy equipment. How to care, how to carry it, and how to do the reassembly if there are loose parts. Such a possibility can occur.