May 18, 2024

Having children is one of the best things a person can do, but at the same time, it puts a lot of pressure on mothers in many ways. Whether this is pressure on their lifestyle or body, it is a lot to handle. Many mothers after they have had children feel like their bodies could be in better shape. This is nothing to be ashamed of as children are a beautiful and natural thing. This can’t help mothers feel how they do though so they opt at looking for remedies to get their bodies back to a state where they are happy again.

One option for this is a tummy tuck Machester based as these provide the best results in the UK but this sometimes is not enough. The other option is through having a mummy makeover. This is a fantastic all-in-one procedure and can pretty much target any area that you wish. Recovery can be a little different to normal procedures due to them including more body parts. In this article, we will go through some mummy makeover recovery tips.

Arrange for Someone to Drive You Home After Surgery

Just like any cosmetic procedure, post-surgery you are not going to be in a state where you can drive. This is for multiple reasons, the first is you will be put under general anaesthetic and you will be feeling drowsy. The other reason is simple, you will be in some discomfort so you won’t be able to drive. Instead, ask a family member or friend to take and pick you up from surgery. You will also want them to stay the night, just in case you need anything. If they are there to look after you throughout the process, you will need them to be able to look after the house whilst you can’t.

Schedule Time to Rest

When you’re a mother, it is only instinct that you want to look after your family. Once you have a mummy makeover, it is not wise to be doing anything strenuous as the recovery stage is just as important as the procedure if you are after optimal results so rest as much as possible. The healing process normally takes from 2-3 weeks pending on the type of procedure you have had, how you have been resting as well as eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.

It is best to have no plans for the first 10 days of the procedure even if you do feel okay after surgery as not everything repairing is done on the outside. Look after yourself by doing nothing. 

Don’t Lift Anything – Including Your Children

Having young children can be a bit chaotic at the best of times, especially if they are crying for you. We know it’s hard, but you shouldn’t be picking them up or lifting any heavy objects. This can do a lot of damage to the incisions and could potentially open stitches and hinder results. If you want to get back to normal fast, then you need to rest and not lift any heavy objects.