November 30, 2023

If you are not sure, as a father, whether you are the real biological father of the child, this can be quite annoying. This can cause problems in the relationship between child and father. A legal paternity test is ideal for getting the final answer, whether you really are the father of the child. Even for a mother, the test can be a godsend, if the biological father denies the child. In a paternity test, the DNA of the father is compared to the DNA of the child. The paternity test gives you answers to that one question: Are you the father? But how does it work exactly? In this article, we will elaborate on this, so you will know more about it.

Legal paternity test

With a legal paternity test, DNA material must be taken by a third person. The third person must be completely independent and cannot be someone you know. A doctor or a general practitioner can do this perfectly well for you, and he or she must also follow an official procedure. In this way, the judge can be sure that the DNA samples really come from the right person. An independent third person must also check the identity of the people being tested before the sample is taken. The legally valid tests are sent in a neutral envelope, so that your privacy is guaranteed. The independent third party receives a package with all the material to take the DNA.

It is also possible to have aDNA test while pregnant. This is called a prenatal paternity test and can be done early in the pregnancy. This poses no risk to the baby. In addition to a paternity test, you can also do a home gender test, so you can find out the sex of the baby. But how do you get the tests? Below, you can read a little more about that.

Ordering online

If you want to perform a paternity test, you do need it. You can easily order them on the internet, but it is important that you do this from a reliable provider. Look at the website of the provider and check the DNA testing kits, so you can read all about it. The costs can also vary considerably from provider to provider, and it may therefore be wise to compare them. Usually you get the tests sent to your home within a few business days, so you can use them right away.