December 9, 2023

Air can be very rewarding in the right circumstances. However, for most people with hair types like medium length, thin, and straight hair, it’s a challenge to grow it out. The longer and thicker your hair is, the more difficult it is to manage. Whether you have naturally fine, curly, or thick hair, there are ways to grow it from root to tip without completely recoiling your neck and shoulders. Wrong ways of growing hair can turn into snarls that never become frizzy and blow-dryer problems that last all day long. Thankfully, there are many ways to grow healthy unwanted hair from root to tip using techniques that actually provide great results. Try these easy steps for growing hair from root to tip:


What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common but often neglected condition. As hair grows, it produces enough oils that the hair follicle can’t properly unpack the information it’s been programmed to receive. This results in strands that are dry, brittle, and damaged. Without a hair loss treatment, it’s possible to grow hair back on the head, but it’s harder to do while still a child. Loss of hair can also occur because of genetics, exposure to temperature extremes, or other external factors.


Start with a healthy hair growth routine

It’s essential to pre-hydrate your hair with a natural moisturizer (or greener) before you go off on some wild hiking. First Moisturize your scalp with a Hair Serum, to keep it hydrated. Then, massage the hair around your head, back, and shoulders before heading out on your outdoor adventure. Not only will your hair look healthier, but it will also feel thicker and more manageable.


Don’t over-brush your hair

Over-brush your hair is a common problem among people with naturally fine, wavy, or straight hair. It’s also a common mistake made by people who don’t use a proper technique to dry hair. Using a high-powered bristle brush with a lot of strokes can make your hair feel greasy and un-greased. Instead, use a gentle, round-burbling bristle brush (not those with nubby bristles) or a low-powered brush that’s meant to be used only with a hot water rinse.


Dry Shampoo and Condition

Dry shampoo and condition are becoming more and more popular among both beauty and hair scientists. They’re great for dry, dull, coloring-smeared hair because they lock in all of the natural oils present in your hair. Dry shampoo is especially great for people with sensitive scalp areas because it’ll stop your hair from tangling and make you Excessive Shower Routine Excessive shampoos and conditioners are super drying and don’t contain any nourishing ingredients. The best dry shampoo and conditioners come with a great range of nourishing ingredients that will actually help your hair stay strong and healthy.


Moisturize regularly

Maintaining a healthy hair growth routine is crucial for both people with hair loss and people who want to keep it longer. Using a nourishing moisturizer can keep your hair hydrated and healthy while still being able to effectively dry it. Use a product like Ambuva’s Moisturizing Oil Mist or La Prairie’s Straightening Mist to add shine and texture to your hair while it’s still a little damp.


Look after yourself

One of the most important things you can do for your hair is to look after yourself. When you have your hair cut, straightened, and styled, it’s important to dry it well and apply some Hair Oil for your hair. Over-drying your hair can lead to it turning into an unruly frizzy article of clothing. Over-stimulating your scalp with too much heat may even lead to damage to your hair. Also, don’t put too much pressure on your hair. Once it’s done drying, let it air-dry (or “pa-pow” as it’s popularly called) for as long as you’d like it to air dry. Pushing your hair too hard on making sudden movements will also cause damage.


Bottom line

If you’ve been struggling to grow your hair out, you may be able to get some help. There are many ways to grow hair from root to tip using techniques that actually provide great results. Try these quick and easy steps for growing hair from root to tip: – Start a healthy hair growth routine – Don’t over-brush your hair – Dry Shampoo and Condition – Don’t over-brighten – Look after yourself – Bottom line To get your hair in order and looking great, it’s essential to maintain a healthy, steady diet. The healthier your eating habits are, the more likely you are to be able to adequately nourish and grow your hair.

Article Submitted by Lakshmi Krishna Naturals